Control de Remiserias


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Control de Remiserias, or Car Service Control Panel, is an easy-to-use management tool for private car service companies.

It boasts a clear, attractive, and simple interface. The information is classified in ’Chauffeurs’, ’Trips’, ’Register’, and ’Notes’. Using this interface, we can conveniently create, modify, or eliminate data classified by type and cross-referenced within a simple form.

You can create a trip planner with the ability to make reservations, cancel trips, or modify dates with the utmost ease. It is also possible to create different, password-protected user accounts, enabling exact record-keeping for multiple employees.

If you want to bring thorough record-keeping to your car service company, Control de Remiserias (Car Service Control Panel) is an excellent option.

Limited to 100 uses or 45 days.

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